Xi Nu Luohan Quan

Luohan Quan: Xi Nu Luohan Quan; Angry Happy Luohan Boxing.

Shi De Qian from Henan Shaolin Temple in China, wrote the history of Shaolin and included Xi Nu Luohan Quan; Angry Happy Luohan Boxing, in the (Shaolinsi wushu baike quanshu) Complete Encyclopedia of Shaolin Temple Martial Arts, volume I & II. Only 18 of the 108 postures were documented in the book.

On this page and the page are many pictures in, for some people, unusual and strange postures. This is Xi Nu Luohan Quan; Angry Happy Luohan Boxing. It is one of the highest levels of art it includes attributes of emotions and sounds (hence the facial expressions).

This art was said to be practiced by only 4 of the original 18 disciples (of the Shuanglin Temple Singapore), it is said that common students such as those in Indonesia or Malaysia did not learn it. Only 4 people know/knew the entire 108 techniques/postures of the Xi Nu Luohan.

In fact most students/disciples did not learn the entire Luohan tradition because Shi Gao Can taught different skills to different students. That is why over 30 schools of the Shi Gao Can tradition appeared in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia over the years.

Besides the Xi Nu Luohan, there is another Luohan Quan. And this is much more common amongst the different decedents of Shi Gao Can. It can be compared with Yi Zhi Mei in the sense that most schools practice is, but everyone has his own interpretation of the movements and order. Still it can easly and immediately be recognized as Luohan Quan of Shi Gao Can.
Master P’ng Chye Khim published a book on the set form of Luohan Quan and other present day masters also appeared in articles showing Luohan Quan and/or are otherwise published (on the internet). Typical Luohan postures also appear in other set forms of the style.

The complete Luohan set form, the complete name is Fuhu Luohan Quan (伏虎罗汉拳)consists of approximately 35 sequences; although very school has their own specific movements, interpretations and names. The Chinese names given here are a mixture of Pinyin and locally used transcription methods.

He Zhang Chun Li Close arms to respect
Luohan Kai Gong Luohan drawing a bow
Quan Xin Chung Chien / Jin Bu Chong Quan Punch through the heart / Step and Punch
Shuang Bu Shuang Quan Double Step and Double Punch
Hei Hu Ching Pa Black Tiger attacks with claws
Chor Chuan Sing Tui Left leg kick through the heart
Tie Qiao Chen (hern) Tu Iron bridge block to side (across a Stream)
Hei Hu Chuan Xin Black Tiger punch though the heart
Luohan Ji (yee) Kang (ting)  Luohan moves the giant inseng pot ( a frying pan)
Liu Chuan Xin Tui Right leg kicks through the heart
Tui Bu Chey Chang Step and Slide
Chin Kang Tor (toh) Yue Luohan (emperor) holding the moon
Chen Chjen Chuan Xin hern ch’uan chuan sing Side punch though the heart
Choi San Fu Chao Black mountain tiger turning claws
Luohan Ti Gu Luohan hits the gong
Ching Kang fu hu Golden Luohan controls the tiger
Luohan Zuo Hu Luohan sits on a tiger
Shuang Long Chu Hai Double Dragon going out from the sea.
Ting Tse Jang Chjen / ting su yang ch’uan Cat stance inside back / instant block and strike
Paj Yuen Chin Tao White Ape plucks plumbs
E Hu Chu Dong Hungry tiger going out from the cave
Chir Chuan Sing Tui Left leg kicks through the heart
Tui Bu Da Hu One step back hitting the tiger
Fan Soh (sa0) Chi Chui Turning inside block with Iron Fist
Jin Kang Tuan Chun Golden Luohan strikes with elbow
Jin Kang Pu Mian Golden Luohan strikes face with backfist
Tui Pu Chiao Tung / chuan sun chiao nan One Step back reverse inside block / emperor strikes the gate
Hei Hu Tou Xin Black Tiger steals the heart
Jin Kang Chong Chui Golden Luohan wields a hammer.
Jin Kang Tou (chiang) Mor Golden Luohan tames the evil spirit
Luohan Da Hu Luohan hits the tiger
Meng Hu Qu Dong Fierce tiger returns to the den.
Hei Hu Chu Dong Black Tiger going out from the cave
Chuj Chuan Pu Fu Turning teamed tiger
Luohan Sen Tian Luohan raising to the sky
Tong Zi Bai Fo Virgin Boy worships Buddha
He Zhang Chun Li Close arms to respect